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Video excerpts from "Shades" & "Between Us"

Photo by Rachel Bruce Johnson - The Bell House


Nina Madsen dance is rooted in modern dance and explores themes of life by creating, performing and teaching in Oklahoma. Choreography focuses on honest embodiment and gestures that the audience can relate to. Classes emphasize dynamic connectivity and awareness of the body to achieve maximum physical freedom of expression through movement.  


"To dance is to move with intention.  That intention may be conscious (learning a phrase or piece of choreography), or subconscious (walking to the refrigerator to get a snack).  I feel that dancing allows the mover to express their deepest anxieties, hopes and dreams through a physical means. The inner attitudes and thoughts, whether positive, negative or neutral, translate themselves through dynamics in movement at a given moment.  At that moment, the inner consciousness and outer physical body crystallize.

The majority of our communication with the world is nonverbal.  Our movement reflects the innermost aspects of ourselves, and it is no coincidence that ways we move reveals more about us than anything we say verbally.  I believe we can understand and expand who we are on every level by observing our movement patterns, both in specific situations and through life." -Nina


Nina Madsen moved to Oklahoma from Brooklyn, New York in 2009.  She graduated cum laude from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance (Performance & Choreography) in 2005. She also studied at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts in Perth and Teatterikorkeakoulu, The Theater Academy of Finland in Helsinki.  While living in NYC, she received her Certificate of Movement Analysis from the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies as well as an Associates Degree in Occupational Studies from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences.  She has performed internationally in Australia and Finland, and nationally in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and Oklahoma.  She has had the opportunity to work with choreographers B.J. Sullivan, Juan Carlos Verdu, Andrea Woods, James Robey and Eleanor Goudie-Averill.  Modern dance companies she has been a member of include Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre (NYC), kerPlunk (NYC) and John Gamble Dance Theatre (NC).  Her original choreography "Between Us" was recently showcased at Tulsa Ballet's Creations in Studio K in May of 2012.  She also frequently collaborates and performs with her sister, dance mentor and best friend, Tara Madsen Robbins.  Their most recent performance together was in 2010 at the Vision of Sound concert in NYC at Jan Hus Church, where they performed a duet choreographed by Robbins.   In a 2002 review of the American Dance Festival, dance critic Byron Woods wrote, "the unforgettable flex of Ursula Payne's student Nina Madsen, reminiscent of Gretchen Lothrop's work."  She is a Co-Artistic Director/Director of Modern Dance for Portico Dans Theatre based in Tulsa, OK along with Jen Alden & Michael Lopez where she teaches, choreographs and dances.

Safety Release Technique Class Video Collage with Portico Dance Theatre

"The unforgettable flex of Ursula Payne's student Nina Madsen, reminiscent of Gretchen Lothrops's work"

                                     By Byron Woods - Independent Weekly - Review of American Dance Festival - 24 July 2002


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