Video by Curt Puckett


Contemporary Dance New Genre 2009

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Video by Geoffrey Hicks

"Between Us"

Contemporary Dance New Genre 2010

My modern dance class is a fusion of safety release technique (as developed by my professor at UNCG BJ Sullivan), Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, and other Somatic Practices.  We explore the body’s natural relationship to the floor throughout the first half of the class and gradually transition into standing, fluidly moving with the forces of gravity and the body’s natural tendencies.   The class emphasizes dynamic connectivity and awareness of the body to achieve maximum physical freedom of expression through movement.  Ending combinations focus on fusing the inner and outer worlds of the mover and the somatic realization of meaning through movement. 

Reherasal's for "Birds Of Prey" (apart of "Animalia") - based on the movement of owls.  Dancers - Jen Lynn and Sami Lee.

Safety Release Technique Class Video Collage

Choreographer, Dancer & Teacher for Portico Dance Theatre based in Tulsa, OK

I currently teach modern dance (release technique) for Portico Dance Theatre a few Thursdays every other month at the Flyloft rehearsal space 3 at 6:30 for an hour.  Class is free and is open to all.  Check Portico Dance Theatre's facebook page for class schedule (we also have ballet and jazz)